It's showtime on American Idol. Season 20, the fifth on ABC, already started and the contestants are ready to try to win a place in the Top 24 of the competition. You can watch the show on fuboTV (free trial). 

After the Hollywood Week, in which contestants had to overcome two challenges (Genres and the Duets), hopefuls are going to sing with a band for the first time before the live concerts begin and the audience vote for their favorites. 

Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Brian will have a say one more time. Here, check out which contestants are still alive in the competition and have a chance to go through the Top 24 round, which starts next week. 

American Idol 2022: Contestants who remain (Showstopper)

As always on American Idol, there are many talent to watch for. Platinum tickets winners (Kenedi Anderson, Jay Copeland and Hunter Girl) are still in the competition, however they are not the only ones who have impressed the judges so far. Here, check out all the remaining contestants: 

Aaron Wessbery 
Allegra Miles 
Ashley Blaire 
Ava Maybee 
Betty Maxwell (Miss America 2016)
Cadence Baker 
Cameron Whitcomb 
Carly Mickeal 
Christian Guardino (America’s Got Talent 2017 semi-finalist) 
Ciasia Nicole 
Cole Wesley Ritter 
Corey Curtis 
Dakota Hayden 
Daniel Marshall 
Danielle Clavell 
Danielle Finn 
Douglas Mills Jr. 
Elli Rowe 
Elliot Greer 
Emyrson Flora 
Fritz Hager 
Hunter Girl 
Jacob Moran (American Idol 17 Hollywood)
Jay Copeland 
Joedi Silvers 
Jordan Chase Torrez 
Jourdan Blue 
Katyrah Love 
Kaylin Roberson 
Kelsie Dolin 
Kenedi Anderson 
Kevin Gullage
Kezia Istonia (a.k.a. Lady K.) 
Kirk Richmond 
Leah Marlene 
Lexi Weege
Max Embers 
Mike Parker 
Morgan Gruber 
Nicolina Bozzo 
Noah Thompson
Olivia Faye 
Paige Fish 
Ryan Argast 
Ryleigh Madison
Sam Moss
Scarlet Ayliz 
Sir Blayke 
Tobias Hill 
Toni Alers 
Tristen Gressett 
Tyler Allen 
Valerie Marie 
Wennely Quezada 
Yoli Mayor 
Zia Blue
Jenna Marquis