Angelina Jolie is one of the most recognized women in the entertainment industry and the world, not only for her beauty but also for her great talent in her profession and the different humanitarian works she has done throughout the years. Not only is she an actress and director, but she has also established herself as a producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist as she has built her career.

The careers of her parents (John Voight and Marcheline Bertrand) encouraged her to dive into the world of acting and she made her debut at a very young age. At the age of 5 she had a small role in her father's film, Lookin' to Get Out in 1982. The following year she moved with her family to New York and five years later they returned to Los Angeles, where Jolie enrolled in high school to begin her professional career.

Her first starring role was in Cyborg 2, the 1993 sci-fi thriller. She is currently one of the highest paid female actresses in the world and has participated in major productions. In 2011 she directed, wrote and produced her first film, In the Land of Blood and Honey. So far it is not known what her next projects will be but she is expected to make an appearance in the second installment of Marvel Studios' Eternals.

Angelina Jolie's best works: How and where to watch them

Jolie has been in the spotlight for a long time and this has brought her many awards and nominations for her work. In 1999 she won her first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Girl, Interrupted and in 2013 came her second award for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. She was also nominated for Best Actress in 2008 for her role in Changeling

On the other hand, she has three Golden Globes (for George Wallace, Gia and Girl, Interrupted) and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. She also received BAFTA and Emmy Award nominations. Since 2012, she has been Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, proving how deserving she is of her second Academy Award.

Here is a list of her best movies and where you can find them in streaming:

1. The Bone Collector (1999)

A psychopathic killer is on the loose on the streets of Manhattan. His brutal murders leave a trail of encrypted messages at the crime scene, clues that only a brilliant mind can solve. Lincoln Rhyme, one of the best criminalists in the United States, will be in charge of finding the killer with the help of Amelia Donaghy, an experienced cop despite her age. The two of them will gradually delve into the mind of a terrifying madman.

Available on aha.

2. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Set in the changing world of the late 1960s, Susanna Kaysen’s prescribed “short rest” from a psychiatrist she had met only once becomes a strange, unknown journey into Alice’s Wonderland, where she struggles with the thin line between normal and crazy. Susanna soon realizes how hard it is to get out once she has been committed, and she ultimately has to choose between the world of people who belong inside or the difficult world of reality outside.

Available on Netflix.

3. Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Upon learning that he has to come out of retirement to steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother Kip’s life, former car thief Randall “Memphis” Raines enlists help from a few “boost happy” pals to accomplish a seemingly impossible feat. From countless car chases to relentless cops, the high-octane excitement builds as Randall swerves around more than a few roadblocks to keep Kip alive.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

Lara Croft faces her greatest challenge: to find the Triangle of Light, a legendary relic with the power to alter time and space. She must do it before it falls into the hands of a dangerous sect that wants to dominate the world: the Illuminati. 

Available on HBO Max.

5. Life or Something Like It (2002)

The life of Lannie Kerrigan, a successful reporter, changes dramatically when a beggar announces that she is going to die within a week. As the prediction comes true, Lannie rethinks her life and even discovers love. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

6. Original Sin (2001)

Luis Vargas, owner of a coffee company in Havana, decides to marry by proxy an American woman whom he only knows through a photograph. When the young woman arrives in Cuba, Luis finds a different girl, but of great beauty.

Available on HBO Max.

7. Beyond Borders (2003)

Sarah Jordan, a young American woman living in London, decides to travel to Africa to see the reality of that continent with her friend Nick Callahan, an activist who works for the eradication of hunger in the African continent.

8. Alexander (2004)

Having conquered 90 percent of the known world by the age of 25, Alexander the Great leads his armies through 22,000 miles of conquest in just eight years. Leaving tiny Macedonia, Alexander leads his armies against the mighty Persian Empire, drives west to Egypt, and finally heads east to India.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

9. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

After five years of marital idyll, John and Jane smith's marriage has fallen into a rut. Until they both discover the truth: they are both cold, lethal and very expensive contract killers for opposing organizations.

Available on Netflix.

10. Wanted (2008)

Wesley Gibson is an office worker whose life has no direction. After his estranged father is murdered, Wesley meets Fox, who recruits him into the Fraternity, a secret society of assassins who take their orders from God. Fox and Sloan, the Fraternity's leaders, teach him to discover his hidden powers. Although Wesley enjoys his new abilities, he begins to suspect that the Fraternity hides a great secret.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

11. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Panda Po works in his family's noodle store and dreams of becoming a kung-fu master. His dream becomes a reality when he is unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy and must study martial arts with his idols, the Furious Five. Po will need all the wisdom, strength and skills he can muster to protect his people from Tai Lung, a cursed snow leopard.

Available on HBO Max.

12. Salt (2010)

CIA officer Evelyn Salt's loyalty is tested when she is accused of being a Russian spy. She then goes on the run and is forced to use her years of experience as a covert spy to avoid capture.

Available on fuboTV and Hulu.

13. Changeling (2008)

Year 1928. A child disappears without a trace. Months later, the police find him, but when his mother assures them that he is not her son, no one believes her.

Available on Amazon Prime Video and STARZ.

14. By the Sea (2015)

A former dancer and her husband, an artist, travel through France during the 1970s as their marriage collapses. In such a situation they arrive in a small seaside village, where the relationships they establish with its inhabitants completely change their vision of things.

Available on Netflix.

15. Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent is a beautiful young girl with a pure heart who lives an idyllic life in her forest kingdom. When an invading army threatens the kingdom, Maleficent sets herself up as the fearsome protector of the forest. However, a ruthless betrayal hardens her heart and turns her into a creature seeking revenge. Maleficent begins a battle against the king's successor and places a curse on his daughter Aurora. However, she realizes that the young girl is the only one who can bring peace to the kingdom.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

16. The Tourist (2010)

Frank is an American tourist who travels to Italy to try to recover from a failed love affair. He soon meets Elise, an exceptional woman, who brings romance and passion back into his life, but who also brings with her intrigue and danger.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

17. Eternals (2021)

The Eternals are a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have lived in secret on Earth for thousands of years. Although they have never intervened in the fate of the population, a threat now looms over humanity.

Available on Disney+.

18. Shark Tale (2004)

A mobster shark's son dies when an anchor falls on him. A fish with a big mouth and big dreams is found at the scene of the crime and, to make a big deal of himself, takes credit for the death. But his dreams land him in stagnant water when a big lie turns him into an unlikely hero.

Available on Peacock.