We are only weeks away from the release of the Avatar sequel and one of the main questions that has been asked from the beginning is how much money was given to the production in order to make The Way of Water. The mystery has finally been unraveled and fans have been surprised by the large sum it cost. 

Several directors have already seen James Cameron's new film and one of the first to speak out was the acclaimed Guillermo del Toro. He has quoted a tweet from Jon Landau, producer of the sequel, and confirmed that the nearly 3-hour feature film is "An amazing achievement. Avatar: The Way of Water is filled with majestic imagery and emotion on an epic, epic scale. A master at the height of its power".

The film will arrive on December 13 in all movie theaters, after almost 13 years of waiting. In March of this year, Steve Asbell (president of 20th Century Studios) confessed that the new installment is going to blow the minds of moviegoers who have had to wait so long. "It's going to blow people's minds. You're not prepared for what Jim [Cameron, the director] is doing", he said.

Avatar: The Way of Water became the most expensive movie ever made

The Hollywood Reporter finally revealed the budget of the sequel and the investment that was directed by James Cameron is an exorbitant sum of money. It is one of the most expensive in the history of the Hollywood industry. Several sources pointed out that the budget is between $350 and $400 million. So it is a few million more than the first installment, since this one had only $237 million.

A few months ago, its director acknowledged that the film had been "really expensive" to make, since it is filmed in 3D and under motion capture technology, but did not give details of the amount, until now. This is a big challenge, as the film will have to be among the highest grossing films in history to be profitable.