How can humans predict (or try to) the future? Many people study astrology and believe that the planets and other celestial bodies have an effect on Earth and our personalities. However, throughout the history of humankind, there have been special people, who had the power to say what’s going to happen next. 

Just like Nostradamus, another famous prophet is Baba Vanga, a woman born in Bulgaria in 1911. She became blind when she was 12, and since then, started to have visions about the future. It’s believed that her predictions are quite exact. She predicted many events until she died in 1996. 

As she couldn’t write, the majority of her prophecies were told mouth to mouth. Among her most famous prophecies, there are the terrorists attacks of Sept. 11 and the tsunami in Indonesia of 2004. Here, we got six terrifying prophecies for 2022, recopilied from the web site Astrofame. 

Six Baba Vanga's predictions for 2022

Earthquakes and tsunamis 

When we talk about world predictions, it seems like the natural disasters are always there. Baba Vanga predicted that in 2022, there will be “intense bouts of floods” in several Asian countries and Australia. 

Another pandemic….

Well, as the kids would say: S@%!, here we go again! According to the Bulgarian, in 2022 a team of researchers would discover a lethal virus in Siberia that was, up until now, frozen. And, of course, thanks to climate change, the virus would be released and affect the whole planet. 

Drinking water will be scarce 

The mystic predicted that next year many cities will be hit by a shortage of drinking water. So, this would have political consequences as many states will be forced to find other solutions. 

Alien invasion? 

This is wild. According to the Bulgarian mystic, an asteroid, which happens to have a name (‘Oumuamua’) will be sent by aliens to seek out life on Earth. But, things wouldn’t stay very friendly… What do you think?

India being invaded by plague 

According to Baba Vanga, the temperatures in India will reach 50° Celsius, which would cause the locusts to attack crops and agricultural plots, causing an immense famine. It doesn't sound great, does it? 

Virtual reality will take over

The clairvoyant revealed that this year will see people spend more time than ever in front of screens. This actually makes sense as: a) we are more at home than ever, with little human contact, ,b) have thousands of screens to watch/use (smartphones, TV, computers, tablets, video games), c) Facebook has a plan to create a “metaverse”...