Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise premiered two weeks ago, and things are getting interesting in Mexico. Some couples hit it off, while other contestants have struggled to start connections. Here, check out who was sent home during the first week. You can watch it on fuboTV (free-trial). 

Jesse Palmer is hosting Paradise for the first time, with Wells Adams back as the official bartender. This year, the season started with 20 confirmed contestants, but some of them have been arriving late.

If you don’t know, Paradise works like this: one week, the men have the roses, and then, it’s turn for the women. In the meantime, new people arrive and couples have to make difficult decisions. Which flames will perdure during the whole thing? 

Bachelor in Paradise 2022: Finale Rose Ceremony

Michael and Danielle: Leave Paradise together
Brandon and Serene: Go to Fantasy Suites
Johnny and Victoria: Fantasy Suites
Tyler and Brittany: Leave Paradise together
Aaron and Genevieve: Break up before Fantasy Suites
Justin and Florence: Break up
Joey and Shanae: Break up 
Kate and Logan: Break up