Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise has started and many of the familiar contestants are trying to get a second chance at love, after their seasons of The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. One of them is fan-favorite Brittany Galvin.

During the first episodes of the season, we see gow Galvin was pursued by Romeo (but she wasn’t interested in him) and she received a rose from Casey. However, it doesn’t seem that the pair has a lot of connection. 

As the season is young, there are still plenty of contestants that haven’t arrived in Mexico yet, so it’s very possible that Galvin will form a later relationship with someone later in the season. Here, check out what we know about this contestant, as well as spoilers. 

Who is Brittany Galvin from BiP Season 8? 

Brittany Galvin first appeared during Matt James’ Bachelor season (25). She is a 25-year-old model from Chicago, Illinois, but now lives between Los Angeles and Chicago. She is currently signed by agency Wilhelmina Models. 

During James’ season of The Bachelor, Galvin arrived during Week 3 and was eliminated two weeks later. She made an impression, after being accused of being an “escort” by other contestants. In Bachelor in Paradise, she will try to find another partner. And it seems she does it. 

BiP 2022 spoilers: Does Brittany and Tyler Norris end up together? 

As we said before, there are more contestants coming to Paradise. One of them is Gabby’s and Rachel’s suitors, Tyler Norris. He was eliminated by Rachel during the Fantasy Suites. However, he and Brittany had a connection in Paradise, and they left the show as a couple, according to Reality Steve. 

Sadly, new reports from Reality Steve have stated that the pair has broken up. However ,it’s unclear why the pair decided to call it quits, but it will surely be an interesting thing to watch during the season, as well as during the After Paradise special.