Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise is underway, and a new Rose Ceremony is coming. With many love triangles and new contestants appearing on the beach, fans want to know if they’re favorite couples will make it. Here, check out what we know about Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillippo’s relationship. 

At first, Victoria Fuller was trying to forge a connection with Justin Glaze but he decided to pursue Genevieve Parisi instead. However, Victoria didn’t have to wait much about finding a new partner because Johnny gave her his first rose. 

So far, they seemed pretty solid but, as fans know, anything can happen in Bachelor in Paradise. Here, check out if they end up together and what happens with the couple during and after the season. You can watch the show on fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free-trial in the US. 

BiP spoilers: Are Johnny and Victoria still together? 

According to spoilers from Reality Steve, Victoria and Johnny leave Paradise together, but they have broken up since then. They actually are one of only two couples that got engaged at the end of the season, per the same source. 

Fans were hopeful about their relationship and they believed they watched him on an Instagram story from Fuller, in which she shared a surprise reunion with Nick Viall’s girlfriend, Natalie Joy. A man that looked like Johnny was seen holding a box of pizza in the background. 

BiP reunion: What happens between Johnny, Victoria and Greg? 

During the Paradise reunion that was taped on Nov. 5th, Victoria, Johnny and Greg Grippo ( from Bachelorette Katie Thurston‘s season) addressed their alleged "love triangle." After Johnny and Victoria split, she has been linked with Greg. 

In the reunion, Johnny said that he and Victoria went to couple's counseling for three weeks after filming, per Reality Steve. Victoria claimed that he called her a "stupid c***," and was mad at her for not cleaning or cooking. 

Meanwhile, Johnny "admitted he said things he shouldn’t have and that he regretted but that he never called her that," per the same source. He also accused Victoria of throwing a wine glass at him. 

Regarding Greg, Victoria said that they were talking before she went on Paradise but told Johhny about it. However, they admitted going on a trip to Italy together, and got matching tattoos. On the other hand, per Reality Steve, Paradise alum Tyler Norris also claimed that Victoria cheated on Johnny at a party in LA, which caused Victoria to yell at him.