Bob Odenkirk, who plays Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul, received his fifth Emmy nomination for the acclaimed series, which is already going through the last chapters leading up to the brutal finale. Many theories have spread through social networks due to the future appearance of Breaking Bad's classic characters, Jessie Pinkman and Walter White.

Thanks to his nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at the awards, Bob has been reflecting on his work and his health in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. According to the outlet, Odenkirk revealed that he feels great and is in great shape, but that next week's episode, called Fun and Games, is the one in which he suffered a heart attack.

The actor confessed to feeling honored to be part of the intense experience of this last season of filming Saul, along with his co-star Rhea Seehorn, who earned her first nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. "This show is one-of-a-kind and I'll treasure each of these high points, there have been so many and I'm thankful for everything", he said.

Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk confessed to having no memory of filming episode 9

"I didn't shoot again for five weeks. I had a five-week break to recover. And then when I came back, we limited our shooting to 12 hours a day. Then they took care of me and I was able to do it, and I hope you can't tell when I had the heart attack and when I didn't have the heart attack. Next week is the scene where I have the heart attack. And probably about three-quarters of the scene was shot before I had the heart attack, that same day, and then the other quarter of the scene was after."

"The strangest thing about it is that I really have no memory of that day. I'm really watching something that I don't have any memory of acting in, which is a rare thing. I mean, usually you watch something, and you have some recall of that even if it was shot months ago. But in this case, it's such a complete blank. It's very strange. I gotta tell you, it's a weird thing to have lost basically about a week and a half. Clean, just clean, clean nothing. That's a strange experience anyway. Otherwise, I'm fine.", he assured to The Hollywood Reporter.

New episodes of Better Call Saul premiere every Monday at 9/8c on AMC and every Tuesday they arrive on the Netflix streaming platform. Here you can find out when the remaining episodes are released:

  • Episode 9 - July 18
  • Episode 10 - July 25
  • Episode 11 - August 1st
  • Episode 12 - August 8
  • Episode 13 - August 15