For 23 seasons, Big Brother has been one of the most viewed reality TV competitions. The program is inspired by George Owell’s novel ‘1984’ and was created similar to a “social experiment” in which a group of people will live together in a house, with no contact from outside the game, while they are observed 24/7. 

Of course, the fun of the game is that, in order to survive, they have to win different challenges every week and form alliances to try not to be evicted from the house. The game requires social skills and not everyone is able to navigate it gracefully (see: Todrick Hall drama). 

As always, CBS tries to find a diverse group of people to form a cast with different ethnicities, backgrounds, ages and genders. Here, check out when is going to be the announcement of the new houseguests for season 24 and what we know about the season so far. 

Big Brother 2022: When we will meet the new cast for BB24? 

After a few weeks without new information, CBS already confirmed that viewers will meet the new houseguests on Tuesday, July 5. Fans have been begging for the headshots of the new cast since the announcement of the season. 

On the other hand, this time the premiere will be a live move-in, meaning that viewers can see all the action from the start and they will get to know how the alliances are formed. Also, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, audiences could return for the live eviction shows. 

For this season, host Julie Chen Moonves will also return. Last season, the winner was Xavier Prather, who became the first Black winner for the civilian version after Tamar Braxton won the second season of Celebrity Big Brother. You can watch the live feeds of this season on Paramount+.