Big Brother fans have waited long for Season 24, which is just around the corner (July 6). The highly anticipated announcement of the cast will be just one day before the premiere, which will also be a live move-in. You can watch the live feeds on Paramount+ (seven-day free trial) and live stream the show on fuboTV (US). 

As always, Julie Chen Moonves will host this season, which promises a lot of excitement. The cast will feature all new houseguests, who will be looking to win the big prize of $750,000. However, this time won’t be a live audience, as producers have confirmed. 

While fans wait to meet the cast, they still can be prepared to watch Big Brother 24 the usual three nights per week (plus the live feeds). It’s also been confirmed that the season will end in September. Here, check out the full schedule. 

Big Brother 24 schedule: What nights is Big Brother on?

Big Brother 24 starts on Wednesday, July 6, at 8 PM for a special-90 minute episode and the finale will air on September 25, making the season 82 days long. The second episode will air on Sunday July 10, at 8 PM ETand then, the season will follow the three night schedule: Wednesdays at 8 PM ET, Thursdays at 9 PM ET and Sundays at 8 PM ET.

Every episode will last an hour. However, sometimes the Thursday’s episode could be two hours long and feature a double eviction. In general, Sundays are for nominations, Wednesdays for the veto and Thursdays are the live evictions. This will repeat until the final week, when the schedule changes before the finale. Meanwhile, the live feeds will begin on premiere night at 9:30 p.m. PT/12:30 a.m. ET.

All hours ET 

Week 1 

Wednesday, July 6 - 8 PM (90-min special) 
Sunday, July 10  - 8 PM 

Week 2 

Wednesday, July 13 8 PM 
Thursday, July 14 9 PM
Sunday, July 17 8 PM 

Week 3 

Wednesday, July 20 8 PM 
Friday, July 22 8 PM*
Sunday, July 24 8 PM 

*The show was moved a day due to the ongressional hearings that will be playing Thursday night instead.

Week 4 

Wednesday, July 27 8 PM 
Thursday, July 28 9 PM
Sunday, July 31 8 PM 

Week 5 

Wednesday, August 3 8 PM 
Thursday, August 4 9 PM 
Sunday, August 7 8 PM 

Week 6 

Wednesday, August 10 8 PM 
Thursday, August 11 9 PM
Sunday, August 14 8 PM 

Week 7 

Wednesday, August 17 8 PM 
Thursday, August 18 9 PM (Two hour special event)
Sunday, August 21 8 PM 

Week 8

Wednesday, August 24 8 PM 
Thursday, August 25 9 PM
Sunday, August 28 8:30 PM 

Week 9 

Wednesday, August 31 8 PM 
Thursday, September 1 9 PM
Sunday, September 4 8 PM 

Week 10

Wednesday, September 7 8 PM 
Thursday, September 8 9 PM
Sunday, September 11 8:30 PM 

Week 11

Wednesday, September 14 8 PM 
Thursday, September 15 9 PM
Sunday, September 18 8:30 PM 

Week 12 

Wednesday, September 21 - No episode due to Survivor premiere
Thursday, September 22 9 PM 
Friday, September 23 8 PM 
Sunday, September 25 8 PM to 10 PM (Finale)