It’s almost time for a new season of Big Brother. While fans are desperate for updates about the cast, which has been confirmed to be all newbies, they have to conform with other news such as the date of the finale or when the live feeds start. 

Host Julie Chen Moonves has shared some cryptic messages on Instagram, in which fans were supposed to catch some easter eggs. However, so far, there’s little known or confirmed about Big Brother 24, besides the fact that the premiere will feature a live move-in. 

However, it seems like there’s another detail that fans can know now. It’s been rumored that a live audience for the eviction episodes would return, after two seasons without it. Now, the US Weekly Managing Editor of Digital has confirmed if it’s true or not. 

Will the live audience return for Big Brother 24? 

According to a tweet from Sharon Tharp, production of Big Brother “was hopeful for a live audience but had to scrap that idea.” While she doesn’t know for sure what the cause is, it’s likely that the decision was taken due to COVID-19. 

Tharp also said that fans “could see a live audience later in the season, but who knows. They said that last year too.” So, for now, it’s unlikely that the live audience will return. Some fans expect that the audience is allowed at least for the finale, set in September. 

As usual, the season will feature around 14 houseguests who will have to learn how to get along (or not), make alliances and bring their best social game to not get expelled from the house. You can watch all the live feeds on Paramount+ (free trial).