Big Brother 2022 has brought several topics of discussion this week and there have been several rumors about what would happen on the expected eviction night regarding two of the contestants, Taylor Hale and Paloma Aguilar.

Host Julie Chen Moonves clarified the controversy over the actions taken and comments made against Taylor by her fellow guests. "What you have to remember is that yes, microaggressions are real and they happen every day. When you're playing Big Brother house , it's a pressure cooker in there. And you can say or do things that you think will improve your position in the house. But you won't always do it in a way that makes you look your best," she assured Parade magazine.

After the rumors that have been installed that Paloma would left the house after seeing her mental health deteriorate in recent days and the treatment that Taylor has received in the famous Big Brother house, the night has finally arrived in which a houseguest will leave the contest. Let's see who it was. 

Big Brother 2022: Who was evicted of the house?

The first eliminated of the 24th season of Big Brother is Paloma Aguilar. There was a lot of speculation as to who would be the first evicted, because on Wednesday night the news leaked that she had walked away from the house. Now, the production, through Daniel Durston's voice, revealed that she left the reality due to personal problems.

It should be remembered that she was one of the nominees, along with Alyssa Snider and Taylor Hale, thanks to Joe Pooch's vote. Paloma's exit will count as the first elimination of the season, so Taylor Hale, Terrance Higgings and Alyssa are safe.

According to Hamsterwatch, a source close to the show confessed earlier this week: "Paloma was gone, out of the house and out of the game. Whether it's medical or voluntary removal, I don't know and we may never know. If it is medical, there are privacy issues for the show to consider."

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