The final two weeks of Big Brother 24 are here. There are only five participants left, and no one wants to be the next to leave the house and lose the $750,000 prize money. However, things won’t be easy for any of them. You can watch the show on fuboTV (free-trial in the US), and the live feeds on Paramount+ (free-trial). 

After the shocking double eviction of last week, Taylor, Monte, Turner, Brittany and Alyssa are the only players in the game. The boys have alliances, and the girls have to try to stay in the game. With Monte’s win in the HoH, things went smoothly for them. 

However, they didn’t count with Brittany winning the Veto competition. As she and Alyssa are the nominations this week, it seems clear that there will be another nomination. But, who will Monte choose? Turner or Taylor? Here, check it out. 

Big Brother 2022 spoilers: What are the new nominations? 

According to the live feeds, Brittany, as expected, used the Power of the Veto and saved herself. So, as expected, Monte nominated Taylor alongside Alyssa. So far, it seems like Alyssa will be the target. 

If Brittany was in danger before, she is now a clear target after her unexpected win. The boys (Monte and Turner) will try to evict her next week, and then, Taylor will have to show her cards if she wants to have a chance. 

There are only two weeks left until the grand finale, which will air on Sunday, September 25 at 8 PM ET on CBS. The finalists will fight for the big prize money, and America will have the chance to vote for America's Favorite Player.