The contestants of Big Brother 24 no longer know who to trust after the program on Thursday 28. After the eviction show ended its live broadcast, the houseguests had to start competing to see who would occupy the privileged roles this week. 

In yesterday's episode we found out that Ameerah is the new evictee of the house by a vote that was 7 to 4 and left some of the houseguests quite uncomfortable. Monte was enshrined as the new head of the family after winning the competition and is now the one who will be calling the shots during week 4. 

The HoH win keeps him safe, along with Joseph and Terrance, at least for this week. And by the looks of it, The Leftover alliance members would also appear to be safe by the numbers. Which leaves us to wonder, who are the new nominees? 

Big Brother 24: Who are the nominees?

On Friday night we could see how Monte nominated Alyssa and Indy to the block during the Nomination Ceremony. Another of the options they had was Kyle and Daniel, to eliminate the second one. Undoubtedly, The Leftovers controlled the voting and the easiest candidates were them.

Monte's decision was based on a conversation with his ally, Joseph, where they discussed what their next strategy would be. He initially wanted to nominate Nicole and Taylor for eviction with Nicole as the target, but Taylor did not want to go through with the plan. All the other members of The Leftovers were in the room except Turner. 

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