Week 6 of Big Brother 24 is coming to an end with the upcoming eviction. Taylor Hale won the Wall competition to be the Head of the Household, and she put Terrance and Indy on the block. However, Taylor’s decisions haven't been well-received in The Leftovers alliance. Remember that you can watch the BB episodes on fuboTV (free-trial in the US), and the live feeds on Paramount+ (free-trial). 

While The Leftovers have been running the house since the alliance was formed, this week the once super solid team has started to show some cracks. Taylor was struggling to decide who to put on the block, and there were different opinions on who should have been the target. 

After Taylor nominated Indy and Terrance, with him being the target, some players part of the LO started flipping and looking to nominate Alyssa instead. However, Kyle, who won the Power of the Veto, wasn’t sure if she should nominate her, as they have a “showmance” going on. 

Big Brother 24 spoilers: Did the nominations change? 

Finally, Kyle decided to not use the veto and maintain the nominations the same and that put the Leftovers in a delicate position. Taylor would like to send Terrance to jury, as she promised Indy safety in case of a tie. 

Meanwhile, Brittany has talked to Taylor about Kyle’s move and it seems like she isn’t happy with it. “He (Kyle) is really sticking his neck out for someone that is not in our alliance. That's the problem,” she said to Taylor after the Ceremony.

It’s hard to know what will happen with the Leftovers and the eviction. On the other hand, this Thursday Big Brother will air a two-hour special event in which a new twist will be introduced to split the house in two groups with no interaction with each other and culminating in a double eviction.