Week 3 of the 24th season of Big Brother is in progress. With a new Head of the Household and new alliances formed, things have taken an unexpected turn in the house. However, there is someone who is in real danger to leave this week. You can live stream the show on fuboTV (free-trial) and watch the live feeds on Paramount+ (free-trial).

During the first week, it seemed like Taylor Hale was in real trouble, after Paloma Aguilar targeted her. However, Paloma self-eliminated herself in the first week and, since then, the “girls girls” alliance crumbled down and new deals were sealed. 

This week, Turner is the HoH, who basically ended up with strong allies after the eviction of Pooch last week. However, with the new “festie bestie” twist, Jasmine is also safe this week. Meanwhile, Turner nominated besties Brittany and Michael for eviction, but they won the veto. So, who are the new nominees? 

Big Brother 2022 spoilers: Who got nominated after the Veto ceremony on Week 3?

After Michael won the veto, he used it on him and Brittanny. So, per the “Festie Bestie” twist, he had to nominate another pair of besties and he chose Ameraah and Terrance. As host Julie Chen explained, only one of the “besties” will go home. 

The house is against Ameerah, especially after the new alliance called “The Leftovers” formed. Taylor, Kyle, Joseph, Monte, Turner, Michael and Brittany are now a group, and they have been moving the strings in the house since then. 

To recall, the pair of “festies besties” are: Alyssa & Indy, Michael & Brittany, Monte & Joseph, Taylor & Nicole, Kyle & Daniel, Turner (HOH) & Jasmine, and Terrance & Ameerah. It’s unclear what will happen to the other member of a pair, when one leaves the house.