Season 24 of Big Brother is underway and things in the house are heating up. After the first eviction, which wasn’t what viewers were expecting, it’s time for the houseguests to find a new target. Here, check out who won the Power of the Veto in Week 2. You can watch the show on fuboTV (free-trial) and the live feeds on Paramount+. 

On Thursday, Big Brother fans got a surprise when the first person to leave the house was Paloma Aguilar, who was one of the most active players of the week. Many fans weren’t happy with Paloma’s behavior, especially how she acted with Taylor Hale. 

She wasn’t evicted in a traditional way, instead she either left the house by herself or due to a medical reason. It was said she left due to personal problems, but without details. As Paloma was one of the nominees alongside Taylor, Britanny, Alyssa and Terrance, it counts as an official eviction. Here, check out how things stand in Week 2. 

Big Brother 2022: Who is the HoH during Week 2? 

The Head of the Household this week is Jasmine Davis, the entrepreneur from Georgia. She won the second competition after winning the climbing the wall phase, and the eating a pie phase. She is part of the “Girls Girls” alliance. 

Big Brother 24: Who was nominated for eviction in Week 2? 

Jasmine nominated Taylor Hale and Pooch. However, the strategy is tricky: Pooch was working the house to go after Taylor, and he offered himself to be nominated to evict her. However, now, Jasmine is thinking that he should be the target. 

BB 24: Who won Power of the Veto? 

In the Power of the Veto comp of the week, the players were Ameerah, Michael, Terrance with HOH Jasmine, and the nominees Taylor and Pooch. The winner was Michael, who know has to decide if he leaves the noms the same or if he put someone else on the block.