The countdown has begun for the final show of Big Brother 24, airing September 25 on NBC at 8 PM ET. The houseguests are in the home stretch of the competition and things are about to get pretty heated. Only four contestants remain before next Thursday's eviction night

The last house event concluded on Friday morning and there will be no more major moves or spoilers until Thursday's broadcast, as there will be no episode on Wednesday, September 21. Monte was the winner of the last competition, which means that the second place in F3 is secure and will be joined by Taylor. 

Remember that you can stream the show live on fuboTV (7 day-free trial) and watch the live feeds on Paramount+, which is offering a one-week free trial to watch all the footage and then the subscription only costs $4.99 per month. There you can watch all the content that CBS can't show on TV, such as fights, romances and everything captured by the four live cameras.

Big Brother 24: Monte has established its strategy for F3

Monte was the winner of the last competition and secured a spot in F3 coming next week during Thursday's episode. Brittany and Turner are on the block, while Taylor is the new HOH. The contestant will have to choose who to vote for between those two and has already made a decision, which he made clear during Friday's feeds.

On Friday morning we watched as Monte was alone in the courtyard analyzing what his next move would be and what would work for him to secure a spot in the rest of the competition. He explained that he knows there is a risk in leaving Turner in the house but he has already beaten him multiple times and could do it again. "Do I think Turner has a great resume? I do. Do I believe Turner is a great competitor? I do. But do I believe in myself? I do," he said.

He also explained that his risk of not making it to F2 is lower if Turner continues. If Taylor or Turner wins F3 HOH, he thinks they will both take it, but if Brittany stays with Turner and then wins it, she will choose Taylor over him. Which is true. So all indications are that Turner will remain safe and Brittany will remain the target.