Big Brother 24 premiered on Wednesday and the 16 houseguests didn’t waste any time to start the game. While we wait for the first eviction, which will take place next Thursday, it seems like the house has found its first main target: Taylor Hale.

Hale, 27, is a personal stylist from Michigan. She quickly has become one of the fan’s favorites houseguests due to her elegance, and her model-like walk during the presentations was one of the most commented topics on social media. 

However, Hale, a Black woman, is having a hard time at the house. She has been the target of the “Girls, girls” alliance, which is formed by Paloma, Alyssa, Brittany, Jasmine, Indy, and Ameerah. Now, however, she has the guys behind her too. Check out why. 

Big Brother 24: Why is the house targeting Taylor Hale? 

Since the “girls, girls” alliance was formed, Paloma has stated that she didn’t “get good vibes” from Taylor and it was obvious that she would try to go after her at some point. However, things heated up on Saturday, when she was told by Monte and Joseph that Taylor said Paloma would be after the “big guys” in the house whenever she had a chance. 

“They told me Taylor is telling all these lies about me and attacking my character,” she said to Alyssa and Indy. “She is such a bad liar and is trying to target me,” Paloma added. She also repeated the same to Nicole, who has been Taylor’s ally and friend so far. Nicole said that she is “surprised."  

However, Monte and Pooch also pushed to make Taylor the next target, something that Daniel is considering after Michael, who was one of his nominees for eviction, won the Power of the Veto. The Veto meeting will take place on Monday. 

After the conversation between Paloma and the girls, the live feed showed Taylor in the bathroom crying which makes viewers believe that she listened to the whole conversation. However, she collects herself after the breakdown. 

Big Brother 2022: Fans are worried about Taylor’s wellbeing 

On Twitter, fans have shared their concern over Taylor, and compared the situation with other Black women that have been on the show. To many fans, Taylor is suffering aggression and emotional violence for being Black, and they’re asking producers to step in.