After almost twelve weeks, Big Brother has reached its finale and is ready to say goodbye to its 24th seasonin style. So far only four contestants remain in the competition, but during tomorrow's episode we will see one of them leave the house to make way for the F3

The choice is between two of the strongest houseguests: Brittany and Turner. One of them will have to be evicted and all thanks to Monte winning the Power of Veto and Taylor becoming the new Head of the Household for week 11. There are still two episodes left, which will probably be full of drama, anguish and happiness, since they are the decisive ones. 

Remember that you can stream the show live on fuboTV (7 day-free trial) and watch the live feeds on Paramount+, which is offering a one-week free trial to watch all the footage and then the subscription only costs $4.99 per month. There you can watch all the content that CBS can't show on TV, such as fights, romances and everything captured by the four live cameras.

Big Brother 24: Who have been the best HOH of the season? (List of Top 5)

  1. Turner - During the third week the Leftovers were formed and it was the most successful week of the season, where we got the blind side of Ameerah.
  2. Michael - In week five, the HOH took aim at Daniel and hit the target. The target thought he was not a threat but he was the strongest of everyone up to that point in the house, so his exit was quite pleasing to his housemates and the audience. Undoubtedly, he has consolidated as the participant with the most Power of Veto won in the whole season, so that has given him an extra point in his strategies.
  3. Monte - Before Daniel left the house, week four had a lot of back and forth and Monte managed to win and use the Veto, where he made sure to send Nicole home.
  4. Jasmine - Although he didn't do too much, during the second week he had the key and the Blindside Butterbeands helped Pooch, so it's always a good time for the outside when someone offers to go on the block and ends up getting kicked out.
  5. Taylor - The reign of one of the continuing participants in the game has been quite successful at times. Although she wanted Terrance to stay for week six, her fellow contestants were not very happy about this decision but the HOH reminded them who was in charge.

Bonus 6. Terrance - During week seven, the HOH had some pretty successful moves. He took out a pretty big threat and destroyed the Leftovers in the process. Making him one of the best Head of the Households of the season. Bravo Terrance!