The 24th season of Big Brother has been a ride. The remaining houseguests are trying to keep themselves in the game, and they all have their eyes on the big prize of $750,000. Who will be crowned the winner? Here, check out when the finale is. You can watch the show on fuboTV (free-trial in the US). 

Ten weeks have flown by in the house, with evictions coming every week. One misstep, including sensitive comments, can really throw anyone’s game out of the window. The season has had it all, and now it’s almost time to know who will win and who will be America’s favorite houseguest. 

While America’s favorite houseguest is chosen by the viewers, the winner of the season will be decided by the Jury. Right now, the jurors are Joseph, Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Terrance and Michael, who were all evicted, and they’re currently sequestered in another house. 

When is the Big Brother 24 finale? 

The Big Brother finale is scheduled for Sunday, September 25 at 8 PM (ET) and, according to Screen Rant, it is expected to be two hours long and it will be live. It’s also expected that the Jury members will join host Julie Chen Moonves to vote for the winner. 

This year’s finale on a Sunday is unusual, as the last seasons of Big Brother have ended on a Wednesday. Last season, attorney Xavier Prather became the first black contestant to win the show. Taylor or Monte could follow his steps. 

Remember that you can stream the show on fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial in the US and watch the live feeds on Paramount+, which also offers a week free-trial. If you want to know the latest Big Brother news, check out the spoilers here.