The fourth week of Big Brother 24 is coming and we already have the new head of the family. Already ending the third week of the competition, the house has left us with some great moments, like when Turner defended Taylor, Daniel's outburst, the beginning of the Leftovers alliance and when Kyle and Joseph took over.

In last night's episode, Ameerah was evicted. With her out, 13 houseguests are still alive: Jasmine, Turner, Alyssa, Joseph, Daniel, Nicole, Kyle, Monte, Michael, Brittany, Indy, Terrance and Taylor. The competition is becoming more and more complicated and complex. Everyone tries to survive a while longer in the house but the days go by and alliances are broken. It's time for each of the participants to watch their backs, before it's too late and one of them is eliminated again.

If you haven't registered yet to see the Live Feeds, it's time to do it so you don't miss absolutely nothing. And here's some good news! Paramount Plus is offering a one-week free trial to watch all the footage and after that the subscription only costs $4.99 per month. There you'll be able to see all the content that CBS can't show on TV, like the fights, the romances and everything that's captured by the four live cameras.

Big Brother 24: Who is the new HoH?

Last night during the eviction episode of Big Brother, we didn't get to see who the new Head of Household is but fear not because thanks to live feeds and spoilers we were able to find out who the new Head of Household is. Monte is the new Head of Household and he will be calling the shots in week 4 of season 24.

The Houseguests had to compete during two rounds, where they first had to find a red invitation in envelopes that fell from the sky. The first 8 to find it would move on to the next round. Jasmine, Terrance and Brittany were some of the participants who got it.