Black Adam, the new film from DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures is only a few months away from release. Dwayne Johnson, who will play the main character, confirmed via Twitter that Black Adam will have his own panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con on July 23. So we can expect news, surprises and previews, as they usually do at the event.

In the original comics, The Rock's character was a dark ancient Egyptian with a complicated backstory. He made his first appearance in 1945 as a supporting character in the adventures of Captain Marvel and then reappeared in the 1970s when DC bought Captain and renamed him Shazam

The trailer has given us an idea of how big this production will be, not only because of its budget, but because of the big name actors involved. At the same time, it shows us the moral dilemma that the protagonist possesses. In this long-awaited preview, Hawkman tells Black Adam "In this world, there are heroes and there are villains. Heroes don't kill people", to which he replies "Well, I do". There is no doubt that it will be an action-packed movie.

Black Adam Cast

Thanks to the trailer that came out four weeks ago, in the movie we will be able to see the antihero show his destructive powers at the hands of the metahumans of the Justice Society of America. Dwayne Johnson will give life to the mythical Black Adam and will be accompanied by a cast of luxury, with several familiar names. 

The Rock will face the most powerful heroes on Earth. Quintessa Sindwell will be Cyclone, while Pierce Brosnan will be Dcotor Fate. In turn, we will also see other well-known actors such as Noah Centineo in the role of Atom Smasher and Aldis Hodge as Hawkman. 

Black Adam Release date 

The Shazam spin-off, Black Adam, has a release date of October 21 of this year. The anti-hero possesses the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the endurance of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury.

According to DC and Collider, Black Adam is Shazam's main enemy and has the same powers as Billy Batson. Born into slavery in Ancient Egypt, Teth-Adam became a warrior for the Wizard Shazam, before his newfound powers turned him into a tyrant.