Brendan Fraser starred in and premiered one of the most anticipated stories of the year: The Whale. There he plays Charlie, a lonely professor who tries to win back his family after being involved in a love scandal. It is estimated that he could be nominated for Best Actor at the next Oscars.

The actor's last lead role in a film was 2013's Breakout and he is among a group of figures who have confessed to abuse during their Hollywood careers (by former HFPA president Philip Berk). Now, the 53-year-old actor is finally back where he belongs.

He is arguably in the prime of his career and will soon be seen in several major productions, such as Killers of the Flower Moon with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, Brothers with Peter Dinklage and Behind the Curtain of Night, to be directed by Dalibor Stach.

Brendan Fraser's best works and where to watch them streaming

The Scout (1994) – Available on STARZ.

When his star recruit botches a Major League Baseball debut, humiliated talent scout, Al Percolo gets banished to rural Mexico, where he finds a potential gold mine in the arm of young phenom Steve Nebraska. Soon, the Bronx Bombers put a $55 million contract on the table—provided a psychiatrist can affirm Nebraska’s mental stability.

With Honor (1994) – Available on Kanopy.

Monty Kessler, a graduate student struggling to finish his program, loses his thesis and finds it in the hands of a homeless man named Simon Wilder. Although the two clash upon meeting, they become unlikely friends, with Simon teaching Monty some important life lessons. Despite the fact that Monty's classmates initially dislike having Simon around, they learn to appreciate him as well.

Mrs. Winterbourne (1996) – Available on HBO Max.

Connie Doyle is a young pregnant woman whose boyfriend has just left her. After this Connie decides to leave town and during her train ride she meets Hugh Winterbourne and his wife Patricia, who is also expecting a child. The train suffers a collision and when Connie wakes up in the hospital everyone assumes that she is Patricia.

George of the Jungle (1997) – Available on Disney+.

George has been raised since he was a baby by a group of gorillas. He has grown up to be the king of the jungle and together with Monkey, a talking gorilla, and Shep, an elephant with the desire to be a dog, they meet a beautiful young girl named Ursula.

Gods and Monsters (1998) – Available on Freevee and Tubi.

In 1957, Clayton Boone starts working as a gardener at the home of an old retired film director in Los Angeles. The old man is James Whale, creator of legendary horror titles such as 'Doctor Frankenstein'.

Dudley Do-Right (1999) – Available on STARZ.

Royal Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-right is busy keeping the peace in his small mountain town when his old rival, Snidely Whiplash, comes up with a plot to buy all the property in town, then start a phony gold rush by seeding the river with gold nuggets.

The Mummy (1999) – Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Rick O'Connell and a companion discover the ruins of Hamunaptra. Later they return to the same place with an Egyptologist and her brother. There they meet a group of Americans who bring about the resurrection of the mummy of a diabolical Egyptian priest.

Blast from the Past (1999) – Available on Hulu.

A young man is shocked when he travels through the city in 1998 after being born and living for 30 years in a bomb shelter. There, he meets Eva, a blonde bombshell. The obvious contrasts between the two will lead to crazy situations.

Bedazzled (2000) – Available on Amazon Prime Video.

A shy computer consultant sells his soul to the devil in exchange for seven wishes. This film has the originality of turning the devil into a mischievous and seductive woman, which makes the character even more ironic.

The Mummy Returns (2000) – Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Imhotep has been resurrected and the Scorpion King has also come back to life, so Rick, Evelyn and their friends have to save the world and their son.

Monkeybone (2001) – Available on Amazon Prime Video.

fter a car crash sends repressed cartoonist Stu into a coma, he and the mischievous Monkeybone, his hilariously horny alter-ego, wake up in a wacked-out waystation for lost souls. When Monkeybone takes over Stu’s body and escapes to wreak havoc on the real world, Stu has to find a way to stop him before his sister pulls the plug on reality forever.

Inkhear (2008) – Available on Hoopla.

Mo and her daughter, Meggie, have the ability to bring characters from a book to life by reading them aloud. That ability gets them into trouble when Mo accidentally brings Capricorn, the antagonist of a novel, to life. Mo and Meggie must find a way to send Capricorn back to his literary world, but the task will not be easy, as Capricorn has taken a liking to his new world and will not leave it willingly.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) – Available on Amazon Prime Video and Peacock.

On a quest to find out what happened to his missing brother, a scientist, his nephew and their mountain guide discover a fantastic and dangerous lost world in the center of the earth.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) – Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The gruff dragon emperor and his great army are bewitched and buried by a witch. When young archaeologist Alex O'Connell is tricked into reviving the emperor, he and his famous relatives must find a way to send the bad guys back to the tombs before he can awaken his great army and take over the world.

Furry Vengeance (2010) – Available on HBO Max.

For work, Dan and his family leave Chicago and move to a deserted wilderness area of Oregon. His company has put him in charge of overseeing a new development that he believes is completely environmentally friendly. However, the wildlife in the forest doesn't think so and will do everything they can to stop the development.

Extraordinary Measures (2010) – Available on Hoopla.

John Crowley is a hard-working man with a beautiful wife and three children. Just as his career begins to take off, his two youngest children are diagnosed with a deadly disease. John quits his job and devotes himself to saving their lives. He joins forces with Dr. Robert Stonehill, a brilliant but unconventional scientist. Together they battle the medical and business establishment in a race to discover a cure.