It’s been months of rumors but apparently fans have confirmation about five Celebrity Big Brother season 3 houseguests. Fans have been speculating about who will join the cast for this season, and it seems they will have a favorite on board for the challenge of winning the prize money. 

There are numerous social media accounts dedicated to the art of the spoiler and, frankly, with CBS being quiet about everything regarding Season 3 it’s totally understandable that fans want any kind of information they can get. 

Among the wild rumors regarding a possible line-up, there are been several names such as Kevin Jonas, Richard Hatch, Brandi Glanville and more. However, it seems like there are five names who will make the cast, according to spoiler Twitter account @BBDetectiveDan… Here, check out who they are. 

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 cast: Tiffany Pollard, Vanilla Ice, Todrick Hall  “confirmed” 

Take this with a grain of salt, but it has been a rumor for months and now @BBDetectiveDan has confirmed that the great Tiffany Pollard would be a contestant this season of Celebrity Big Brother. The reality TV star already participated in the UK version of the show in 2016, and she became a meme for her iconic “David is death” announcement. 

Another name who would be a part of the cast according to @BBDetectiveDan, is none other than the rapper, actor and television host Vanilla Ice. Another big name that would be competing in the show is singer, songwriter and choreographer Todrick Hall, who’s also Taylor Swift bestie.

But things can get better (or worse, it depends): model Camila Morrone, who also happens to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, would also participate, according to Detective Dan. And the fifth celebrity that would be competing in the show is former White House press secretary Sean Spicer. 

What do you think about this news? We’ll have to wait to see if these rumors are indeed truth.