It’s almost time for a new season of Celebrity Big Brother. While we are still waiting for the official cast announcement, we already know how many episodes there will be this season, which starts on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. 

As you might know by now, the show premise is that a group of celebrities, usually between 11 or 12, move together into a house with no contact from outside the game. That means no phones, no Internet, no TV. And they have to compete against each other for safety and try not to be evicted from the house. 

Celebrity Big Brother is shorter than Big Brother, so the guests usually live in the house for about a month. However, the winners will have a good reward for the stay. Here, check out how much the prize money is for the champion. 

Celebrity Big Brother 2022: What’s the cash prize?

Season 3 cash prize hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it was $250,000 the first two seasons, which was half of the old regular Big Brother prize. However, Season 23 of Big Brother increased their prize to $750,000 this summer. So that could mean a raise. 

The runner-up received $50,000 in past seasons. Additionally to the cash prize, there was also another prize for America's Favorite HouseGuest, which is the audience most voted, and was awarded $25,000. 

The previous winners are Marissa Jaret Winokour (season 1) and Tamar Braxton (season 2), and Julie Chen Moonves is set to return as host. This year’s Celebrity Big Brother finale is set for Wednesday, February 23, 2022.