In seven days from now, CBS will release the third season of Celebrity Big Brother. We suspect that the cast announcement will take place next Sunday during the NFL night. There have been a lot of rumors about who could be on the show, but some stars already denied their participation. 

Celebrity Big Brother is a shorter version of the civilian Big Brother. So far, the celebrities haven’t been A-listers, so fans don’t expect a big Hollywood name. However, CBS always tries to bring a good mix to the Big Brother house

And what does it take to convince a celebrity to spend nearly a month in a house? Money, of course. While the prize money it’s usually less than the civilian version of the show, the contestants received a higher amount to just participate in Celebrity Big Brother. Here, check out how much. 

Celebrity Big Brother: How much does celebs get paid to be on the show? 

According to Screen Rant, the contestants on any version of Big Brother get paid depending on how far they make it into the season. Also, the amount varies according to the season and the type of casting. For example, for the Big Brother civilian version, each contestant receives $1000 in recent years per week. 

However, for the two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother, the contestants have received higher amounts just for entering the house. Per TMZ, in the first season, the contestants signed a base deal of about $200k. However, for season 2, also according to TMZ, they received $100,000 just to enter the house. 

The participants can get paid more depending on how much they stick around. This amount is in addition to the $250,000 grand prize, and the runner-up’s $50,000. However, CBB USA pays way less than the UK version, which reportedly have paid up to $1 million to contestant Ray J in 2017.