After a two-year hiatus, CBS announced the return of Celebrity Big Brother for its third season, which is scheduled for February 2022. Of course, that means a new line-up of celebrities competing for the title… And it seems like Rihanna would like someone to participate this time. 

It looks like, while managing a clothing brand, a makeup brand and a musical career (in hiatus, we know), RiRi, as all of us, also needs time to sit down and watch reality TV. The Barbadian singer, who is now also a national hero in her home country, is a fan of the show and like many other fans she has a request. 

Social media has been flooded with messages from fanatics saying which celebrity they would like to see on the show as houseguests. One of the most voted by fans is iCarly alum Miranda Cosgrove. But, who would Rihanna pick? 

Rihanna would like Tiffany Pollard to compete in Celebrity Big Brother 

“I Love New York” star Tiffany Pollard recently said in an interview with Pop culture that many fans have asked her to be in the Celebrity Big Brother US version, including Rihanna. “It’s an ongoing annual thing,” she said. 

Pollard appeared in 2016 on Celebrity Big Brother 17 (UK), where she had several viral moments. Maybe the standout was when she mistakenly announced the death of houseguest David Gest, confusing him for David Bowie. 

The reality star also admitted she’s honored by the support, and she thinks it “kind of cool” that people want her on the show. So, is there any chance she could be a contestant again? It seems like it: “Hopefully, they’ll take heed and call me.”