The traditional festival of Cinco de Mayo or Fifth of May, takes place every year on May 5, as the name suggests. On May 5, 1862, General Ignacio Zaragoza was in commemoration of the triumph of the Mexican Army over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. Mexicans were encouraged by the triumph of their smaller forces against a greater French army.

After months of fighting, Zaragoza died of sickness. In the second battle of Puebla, which happened a year after the first one, a stronger French force routed the Mexican army, and the invaders quickly captured Mexico City. The date has been synonymous with the celebration of Mexican American culture, and it's celebrated more in the US than in Mexico. These festivities have been happening in California since 1863.

As a result of particularly promotional campaigns by beer and wine firms, the day has become nationally more famous in the 1980s. Today, Cinco de Mayo produces Super Bowl-like sales of beer. In Mexico, the war commemoration is now mostly ceremonial, for example by military parades or re-enactments. The city of Puebla is celebrated with an art fair, local food festival, and war reenactments.

Dancers of the Ballet Folklorico Mexicano wait to perform during a Cinco de Mayo reception. (Getty)

Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021: Funniest Memes and Reactions

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