'Cobra Kai' is currently one of the most popular content on Netflix. The show just released its fourth season and it has a fifth confirmed. With the series being an absolute success, there’s been talking about how long it must continue and the possibility of a movie. And Ralph Macchio has given his opinion about it. 

Macchio, who plays Daniel LaRusso, was the leading man, or kid, in the first Karate Kid movie, which was released in 1984. Then, he appeared in two more movies before Cobra Kai alongside his longtime rival Johnny Lawrence, played by William Zabka

In the fourth season of 'Cobra Kai', LaRusso and Lawrence team up to face sensei John Kreese and his dojo in the All Valley Karate Tournament. But villain Terry Silver joins Kreese to help him. The new episodes were loved by fans, who can’t wait for more content, including a new movie? Here’s what Macchio said. 

Cobra Kai: Ralph Macchio is open to make a new Karate Kid movie 

The franchise is in its best moment since the premiere of the first season on YoutubeRed. However, since Netflix is a much bigger platform, the idea of making a new Karate Kid film with the new characters is appealing. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Macchio confessed that he is “not close to anything”. 

“Seeing how well the series has done, I'd be silly if I said a new movie wouldn't work, so I'm open to that." However, he revealed that he would have conditions to take the job: "It has to be the correct content and production,” he said. However, the actor is aware that it is not Netflix's priority, nor is there an official plan for this… So, it’s more realistic to think about the end of the show. 

"Even if they say 'Cobra Kai will never die', the reality is that we need to finish this series in the right way. Hopefully Netflix will give us the opportunity to finish it and then other chapters will come in other ways," he expressed. At the moment the platform's strategy is to launch the fifth season of Cobra Kai, which has not yet been announced if it will be the last.