It’s been months since Season 4 of Cobra Kai hit Netflix and instantly became a success. The Karate Kid spin-off has been one of the most talked about series of the past years, and a big part of that are the cameos and surprises in the plot and storyline. 

Many characters of the original franchise, besides the lead duo of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, have had an appearance, such as Terry Silver, Chozen or Ali. However, there have also been surprising cameos such as Carrie Underwood in Season 4. 

And with many stars, e.g. Andrew Garfield, expressing their love for the series and showrunners having wild imaginations, fans can get their hopes up by expecting old characters to come back to the show or watching familiar faces next season. Actually, actress Peyton List, who plays Tory, talked about the upcoming cameos on Season 5. 

Cobra Kai Season 5: Peyton List teases fun cameos 

List, 23, sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her new make-up line and all things Cobra Kai. She talked about the possible cameos for next season, which will probably drop this year, and she said it made the entire cast freaked out. Here are her entire words (via Entertainment Tonight): 

"There are definitely some cameos within season five that I feel like are just as random as the ones we've had before," List said. "But yeah, anyone who is a fan of Cobra Kai should come forward now because I feel like the creators will find those messages and just be like, 'All right, let's figure this out.' There's more fighters that are coming on too [and] train people in that space, which was really exciting. The boys were freaking out and they were training us."

List became a series regular in Season 4, after working on the show for two seasons. Her character, Tory, is now in a relationship with Robby, and fans want to know what’s going to happen there. While she didn’t give anything away, she did say that she would love the show to “go on forever.”