Soccer commonly brings joy to people. When the ball starts to run, magic can appear at any moment. Some sportsmen are aware of the power they have and the consequent responsibility they have to use it for good. At least that is what Santiago Gimenez, Liga MX's Cruz Azul forward, showed at Christmas.

Santiago is also known as Chaquito a diminutive of his father's nickname Chaco. Since he was a baby, he has been involved in Soccer, cause his dad, Christian Gimenez, was an iconic Cruz Azul player and had worn Boca JuniorsAmerica, and even Mexican National Team's colors during his professional career. 

At present, Chaquito Gimenez is consolidating his career step by step. He was a valuable player for la Maquina's Liga MX title on Apertura 2021 and has ended 2021 with a goal on his second game with Mexico. He is powerful and skillful on the pitch, but outside of it, he is also a crack.

How Chaquito wished a Merry Christmas to Cruz Azul and Liga MX fans in Mexico

Like Santa Claus, Santiago Gimenez toured Mexico City to spread Christmas joy. On his social media, specifically Instagram, he shared the noble gesture he had with people in a bad economic situation. Chaquito delivered food, candy, and chocolate to them. 

 Actions like the Chaquito did confirm the power and responsibility sport has to contribute to making the world a better place. For sure this was a Merry 'ChaChristmas' for all of those people who received Cruz Azul Liga MX's forward gift.