The DCEU will return to the big screen after a quiet 2021. One of the films fans have been waiting for a long time is ‘The Flash’, which could erase the entire ‘Snyderverse’ so far. The main attraction is Ezra Miller as the speedster, of course, but many people can’t wait to see Michael Keaton as Batman one more time. 

Oscar-nominated Keaton first played Bruce Wayne/Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 'Batman' and then in the 1992 sequel, 'Batman Returns'. Both movies were huge commercial successes and they are regarded as one of the best renditions of the character. 

Nevertheless, Keaton stepped out of a third film and never seemed to be interested in the character to reprise the role. But now, the actor is opening about why he decided to come back as the Caped Crusader for ‘The Flash’ and ‘Batgirl’ films.

Michael Keaton talks returning as Batman to the DCEU 

In a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Podcast With Julia Cunningham, the actor addressed why he stopped playing Batman. He explained that for him the role was “a job” and that he “enjoyed” the first two films, “but then over time — and then the third one, I just couldn’t do it. I just thought, ‘Well, this is not good. This is not good. I just can’t do it. I’ll blow my brains out. Just can’t live with myself.’ And so I walked away.”

He implied that he didn’t want the “responsibility” that comes with the role. “At some point, you’re a jerk if you don’t go [to conventions]," he said. However, he explained that his curiosity made him try one more time with the character. 

“I thought, ‘Boy, what would that be like?’ And then, coincidentally, there were murmurs, and I got a call from Warner Bros. They wanted to talk to me about something and there were hints of Batman.” He also said that the script of ‘The Flash’ had to be “good”. 

“There’s no reason to do it if it’s not good. It’s not gonna really change anything. And I just jumped in and had fun. And why would you not? You know, I mean, director Andy Muschietti is fantastic, and it’s really creative. I don’t know. It’s fun.” The Flash will hit theaters Nov. 4. Batgirl will arrive on HBO Max at some point this year.