Since the announcement of Hugh Jackman coming back as Wolverine for Deadpool 3, fans have a lot of questions about what could happen in the third installment of the franchise, as well as in the MCU. Here, check out what we know and what's being said about the project. 

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Wade Wilson and also produces Deadpool’s movies, revealed the news with a video on his social media pages. While the video only confirmed Hugh Jackman’s appearance, he made a follow up, alongside Jackman, in which he would answer some fans’ questions. 

In the video, Reynolds starts: “'Logan’ takes place in 2029. Totally separate thing. Logan died in ‘Logan.’ Not touching that. What actually happens in our film….” and then “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” takes over. But, in a true Reynolds’ fashion, he was only trolling. However, here are some theories about what can happen in the film. 

Recap: How did Wolverine die in Logan? 

Throughout the X-Men saga, it has been stated that Wolverine was inmortal thanks to his healing ability. However, in Logan, Wolverine lost that ability due to the poisoning of his adamantium skeleton. He’s sick and weak, and he eventually dies before he dies from suffocation from the hardening adamantium. 

Could Deadpool 3 be a “Multiverse reboot” for the franchise?

As Reynolds confirmed that the timeline of Logan won’t be altered, many fans suspect that Deadpool will feature some sort of Multiverse plot. Especially as it is part of the Multiverse saga. On the other hand, it could take place before the events of Logan. 

According to Screen Rant, Reynolds revealed back in January 2021 that he would like to do a  “road trip movie with Wade Wilson and Wolverine.” Said movie, “would feature a Rashomon-style story, which refers to the same event being told through multiple people's perspectives as they try to make themselves look better.” 

Does Deadpool hate Wolverine? Their relationship explained 

During the first two movies, Reynolds’ character has made fun of Wolverine several times. In the comics, they also shared a similar bond, with Deadpool messing around with the loner Wolverine. However, they have teamed up several times, and also had their ups and downs. But they don't hate each other. They are some sort of "frenemies," with some similarities. Fans hope to see some of these complex feelings (of different personalities, but kind of similar issues) in the film.