As more Americans get used to services on demand, Television is no stranger to this growing trend. More and more traditional television viewing has made way for on demand watch.

Prices vary for each service, and it really comes down to content, Netflix has movies, shows, documentaries, while HBO Go has the channels complete library. YouTube TV has channels of all kinds and sports events which makes them unique in the market.

Disney + has the exclusive rights to the Star Wars library among other contents, so it’s basically pick your poison. Here is the current price guide for all the top streaming services in the United States for 2021.

On Demand: Netflix, Disney +, HBO Go, Paramount +, Amazon Prime prices for 2021

Netflix started the streaming revolution, and their products are now listed at $8.99 basic service, $13.99 standard service, $17.99 premium service per month. Disney + comes in at $8 per month and $80 for the whole year. HBO Go starts off at $5 - $25 per month depending on the package you want.

Paramount + has entered the fold with content from television and sports at prices ranging from $6 - $10 a month. CBS Sports which is on Paramount + provides the viewer the chance to see top tier events such as the UEFA Champions League and Argentine Soccer on their sports package. Amazon Prime comes in at $12.99 a month to an average of $119 per year for their streaming content.

Live TV: YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV prices for 2021

YouTube TV which has more than 85 channels and various top sporting events like the MLB World Series and NBA Finals has a cost of $64.99 monthly. Hulu which also belongs to the Walt Disney company has a live tv service at $64.99 - $70.99 a month depending on the package. Sling TV which his owned by DISH Network runs from $35- $50 a month.

Go Sports with Fubo TV

Fubo TV the almost exclusive sports content streaming service which carries the NBA, MLB, NFL, MLS, and NHL runs from $65 - $80 a month depending on the package.

On a smaller scale Apple TV has a cost of $4.99 a month and will include content from various big-name actors such as Jared Leto, Natalie Portman, among others.

To say Americans don’t have entertainment to choose from is an understatement. As time goes on and the demand for content becomes more niche, we will see more and more special streaming services popping up all over the country.