Doja Cat was going to play on a festival in the Paraguayan capital. However, nothing went as expected. The festival, scheduled for March 22, was suspended due to bad weather and therefore the American rapper canceled her show. Her fans decided to go to the hotel to meet her, but the Doja never appeared.

Fans commented through social networks that they had been disappointed by the lack of empathy of the artist who did not come to greet them. Given this, Doja Cat used her Twitter account to respond. And that's where the controversy began. “There was a storm in Paraguay and the show was cancelled. When I left the hotel the next morning, there was not a person at the door waiting for me," he said.

Given this, hundreds of users began to share their videos of the moment they waited for the artist at the hotel and she never came out. But Doja didn't stop there and started to Tweet. Later on they started to rain memes....

What happend with Doja?

We waited all day in front of the hotel in the rain. You never came out or said anything. Did you think we were going to go again the next day?”, twitted a fan and she replied: “I'm sorry I wasted all the time it took me to get ready for the show”. Another user uploaded a photo of the artist with the title "Public enemy # 1 of Paraguay" and the artist again decided to answer: "I'm not sorry".

For her part, Doja Cat stopped responding and decided to make one last release that worried her followers around the world: “ It's over. I do not mind. I quit. I can't wait to disappear and I don't need to be believed. Everything is dead to me; music is dead to me. I'm a fool to believe that I could do it. This is a nightmare. Stop following me" she wrote. Within a few hours, Doja decided to delete it.
Yesterday the artist landed in Brazil to continue her Latin American tour. She decided to delete all the tweets linked to the controversy with the Paraguayan public. “ I think I didn't give a good show to Brazil and I'm sorry. Thank you friends for coming I love you and thank God tomorrow we have another show. I promise I will do better”, she said after his presentation and finally wrote: “ This is not for me so I am retiring. Take care of everyone".

Mercosur responded to Doja Cat

One of the responses that collapsed the internet was the one of the Mercosur Twitter account. This afternoon, they tweeted: “Doja Cat speaking bad of a #Mercosur country” along with some red flag emojis. The message quickly went viral and several memes arose from its publication. The American artist has not yet responded, we will see what happens...