Donald Trump took everyone by surprise when he called in to the press conference of this weekend's fight between former heavyweight titleholder Evander Holyfield and former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort.

The former President of the United States stole the headlines in the strangest of circumstances when asked about who he would fight on Saturday if he had to and what would the outcome be.

“Well, if I had to pick somebody in the world, not only a professional boxer — because I’ll take a pass on the professional boxers, that could be a very dangerous subject,” Trump replied. But if I had to box somebody, I think probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden, because I think he’d go down very, very quickly. Very, very quickly".

Trump says he'd knockout Biden: Funniest memes and reactions

Needless to say, fans went wild on social media shortly after Trump's answer was all over the Internet. Here, check out some of the best memes and reactions we found.