Donald Trump and his relationship with the Sports world goes back a long time, it was very common to see Trump at top-ranking boxing fights, World Series games, and NFL Super Bowls. He is a sports nut, if not, a sports celebrity fan. 

Trump has close relationships with many athletes and owners, from Mike Tyson to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He has spoken favorably about many sports figures, who speak favorably about him, at the moment he has high regard for Johnny Damon and Colby Covington.

Still, there are 20 influential sports figures who endorsed him as president of the United States. Pinpointing just who Donald Trump supports is a mystery, as this list will show Trump will go see and praise just about anybody, as long as they are winning. Here are a few sports teams Trump seems to like above everyone else.

New York Yankees

Trump has been spotted at Yankees games more than once, especially during the Yankees dynasty era in the mid-90s early 2000s. He did give Mariano Rivera the Presidential Medal of Freedom and has maintained relationships with past Yankee players. He even wanted to own the team in 2015, although it was seen more as a media stunt than a true potential offer.

New York Mets

Trump is a New Yorker, that can be said without no question, he will turn up anywhere to be in the New York spotlight, so it was easy to see Trump at a Yankee game and only a few nights later show up at a Mets game. Again, Trump is a big sports fan and has always had relationships with Met players, he also wanted to buy the team at one point as well. Again, that never materialized. 

New York Generals

The who? The Generals were a team that played pro Football in the now-defunct USFL, a renegade football league much like the XFL but in the 80s. Legend has it Trump, the owner of the Generals, did not get along with most of the other ownership groups, he almost backed out after paying the initial installment of the franchise fee. According to reports he wanted to buy the Baltimore Colts of the NFL.

Trump fired his coach looking for a high profile one, according to reports Trump wanted the Generals to be a kind of springboard into the NFL. He planned to build an 80,000 seat “Trump Stadium" in Manhattan, and he pushed the owners of the league to adopt a fall schedule to compete with the NFL. It did not work, after a few antitrust suits against the NFL and red ink the USFL folded in 1986.