The day has finally arrived, it is election day, and things have gotten heated on both sides. LeBron James has taken to Twitter to voice concerns over polling stations, and many other athletes and sports figures have posted on social media informing and encouraging people to vote. 

During the campaign, many athletes and key figures of the sports world have lent their endorsement to both President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Today these athletes will head to the voting booth to cast their vote and help determine the future president of the United States.

As election day has approached many athletes have not been shy about voicing their opinions regarding either candidate. Gregg Popovich for example, has called out President Trump on various occasions. The President is not without his support as Bill Bellichick and many others in the Sports world have signaled their support. 

Sports figures are encouraging to vote.

Sports figures from LeBron James, Michael Jordan,  Alejandro Bedoya, Don Garber, Jack Brewer, Burgess Owens, Magic Johnson, Curt Schilling, Stephen Curry, Billie Jean King, Megan Rapinoe, Chris Paul, Patrick Mahomes, Mark Cuban,  and Stan Van Gundy are very active on election day.