And one day the final voice of the Kheira Hamraoui attack has spoken up, and that is of former Barcelona player Eric Abidal. Eric Abidal wrote a message on social media to his wife Hayet Abidal after she confirmed she would seek a divorce from the former French international due to having an extra marital affair with Kheira Hamraoui.

While the message makes reference to their domestic issue, Hayet Abidal could face criminal charges as the mastermind behind the attack on Kheira Hamraoui. Aminata Diallo, who has since professed her innocence in the case through her lawyer stated that the masked men who beat  Kheira Hamraoui made reference to sleeping with a married person’s husband and authorities have now set their sights on Hayet Abidal.

Diallo issued a statement through her lawyer stating, "Aminata Diallo deplores the perfectly artificial staging of a rivalry between her and Kheira Hamraoui that would justify her attack on her teammate. This theory does not correspond in any way to the true nature of their relationship."

Eric Abidal’s message to wife Hayet Abidal

In his social media post Eric Abidal stated, “Hayet Abidal: forgive me. Whatever your decision, you will continue to be in my eyes the woman of my life, and especially the mother of our wonderful children. I deserve this humiliation even if it kills me alive. I hope that one day you will forgive me. I love you to the moon and back”.

It has been stated that Kheira Hamraoui and Eric Abidal’s relationship began when both were at Barcelona between the years 2018-2021. The case is ongoing but given that Hamraoui's mobile phone chip was registered in Eric Abidal’s name, authorities suspect that the attack came from someone close to the Abidal family.