Season 2 of Euphoria finally came to an end. And, while the finale wasn’t the conclusion that fans were expecting, it’s undeniable that the series has been a total success, at least in terms of audience, duplicating the viewership from the previous season according to the network. 

Moreover, the second season has been the most talked about show on Twitter in the last decade, according to Twitter and Variety. Before the season finale, the series had 30 millions of mentions on the app. Like it or not, at least people are commenting about it. 

The second season's finale left many things open for the next batch of episodes, with the arrest of Nate’s father and Fez (Agnus Cloud), Maddy’s plan (will she leave town?) and what will happen with Jules, who didn’t have much screen time this season. Here, check out what we know about season 3 of Euphoria. 

When does Euphoria Season 3 come out?  

According to Twitter account Pop Crave, the third season of Euphoria will be released in 2024. That’s right two years from now. The news has been somewhat confirmed by Zendaya, who also liked a tweet with that date. Second season was expected earlier but Covid-19 restrictions delayed the production. 

Euphoria Season 3 Cast: Who will be returning? 

Well, it’s hard to know as there were many reports about problems and tensions growing on set between some actors and Sam Levinson, the writer and director. For example, Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat, was quite absent this season and it was reported that she was disappointed with her character’s storyline.

On the other hand, it has also been rumored that co-stars Hunter Schafer (Jules) and Jacob Elordi (Nate) had a feud, even unfollowing each other on Instagram. And that’s why fans speculated that there weren’t many scenes between Nate and Jules this season, despite the importance of their relationship in Season 1. 


There’s also a question mark on Alexa Demie’s future, with Maddy set to leave Highland High School. Meanwhile, with the death of Ashtray, fans are saying goodbye to Javon Walton. However, since there is nothing confirmed, we should expect that most of the cast is returning including Zendaya, Angus Cloud, Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow, Nika King, Storm Reid, and Austin Abrams. 

Euphoria Season 3 Plot: What can we expect? 

Watching the huge differences between Season 1 and Season 2 storylines, it’s hard to tell. Even the actors, according to interviews with Entertainment Weekly, aren’t sure of what to expect from their characters going forward. 

For example, Sidney Sweeney said that she hoped that Cassie would have grown from her finale in season one but she “was just slapped in the face. Cassie is not together. So, I have no idea what she’s going to do next season.”

On the other hand, Demie feels like Maddy is “figuring out where to go next and finding more independence” after all the drama with Cassie. Finally, Elordi believes that Season 3 could “just be a complete shock again.”

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Zendaya said that she would like to explore "the characters out of high school (...) trying to figure out what to do with their lives when high school is over" and she wants "to see what Rue looks like in her sobriety journey, how chaotic that might look."