There are only two episodes left until the finale of season 2 of Euphoria. The drama, starring Zendaya, Maude Apatow, Hunter Schafer, Sidney Sweeney and company, has captured audiences since its first season back in 2019. These new episodes have been brutal for Rue, which have left fans wondering what will happen to her. 

In episode 5, viewers saw Rue (Zendaya) hit rock bottom and, basically, destroy every relationship in her life. After a police chase and scary time with Laurie, Rue finally made it home. And, in episode 6, it seems like Rue will be again in the path of recovery. But will Rue stick to it? 

Talking with The Cut, in an interview alongside her co-stars, Zendaya opened up about Rue’s journey, what she hopes for her and what fans can expect from Season 2 finale of Euphoria. Here, check out her comments and see if fan theories could be accurate. 

Euphoria finale: Zendaya says Rue will have “redemption”

Zendaya explained that fans can expect things to go better for Rue and her family. However, she also confessed that that wasn’t always the plan for her character, which helped her win her first Emmy Award. 

“The ending of the season was going to be very different and then halfway through, Sam and I were like, ‘We just can’t leave Rue here. We gotta put some f*****g hope in this show,” the actor told The Cut about her character’s development. 

"Episode eight is where we’ll get that sense of redemption ... that you aren’t the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life. I think Rue deserves it, and I think anyone who suffers with the same thing she does deserves it,” she added. 

It’s not the first time that Zendaya has said that she hopes the show can be a light to anyone suffering from addiction. For now, we have to wait and see what’s happening in episode 7, in which, according to the promos, Lexi’s play will be front and center.