Frances Haugen may have changed the course of the internet and social media as we know it when in a 60 minutes interview she had the courage to air out a lot of things which we have suspected, Facebook prioritizes revenue and engagement rather than integrity and emotional stability.

Haugen, 37, is from Iowa City, Iowa and she studied electrical and computer engineering at Olin College, she also has an M.B.A. from Harvard. Haugen then went on to work for such notable tech companies such as Google, Yelp, and Pinterest before taking on a role as a product manager for Facebook in June of 2019.

In her two and a half years at Facebook, according to Haugen, she came across astonishing findings relating to how poorly Facebook enforces their own community safety laws, and the ill effects platforms such as Instagram has on young women. Here are more details about Frances Haugen and her findings.



Frances Haugen Facebook whistleblower

Haugen was able to gather thousands of internal documents at Facebook, while working with the company, and shared them with The Wall Street Journal. During that time Haugen learned about the harm Facebook has caused on the political scene with the droves of fake news being shared on the platform and how Instagram affects users’ self-esteem and causes addiction to that platform.

Haugen stated in the interview that Facebook has hit a “moral bankruptcy” in which the company has found it hard to find employees who want to work for Facebook. Many critical departments, like the one Haugen worked for, which was supposed to tackle misinformation, was under manned and later dissolved.

Haugen is set to testify in the Senate over her findings and in what is being touted as a government crackdown on Facebook.