"Let's play a game of FIFA, I'll teach yo how it's done," was probably one of the most common phrases that soccer fans used since 1993. But now that challenge between friend will be over as EA Sports will no longer make the soccer's biggest videogame and here's you will find the reason why.

FIFA has been a best seller since his arrival to the videogame world. As every game, it has been judge throughout the years, but as EA Sports used the official license, all consumers were thrilled to play with their teams or their favorite players.

But everything comes to an end and EA Sports will finally release the FIFA's license. FIFA 23 will be the last edition that this company will make with this name and everyone is wondering what will happen next as soccer fans need another videogame like this next year.

Why will EA Sports stop making soccer's biggest videogame after FIFA 23?

EA Sports will no longer be making a soccer videogame with the name "FIFA" in it as they did not reach an agreement with the organization. Numbers were hidden, but both parties were uncomfortable with the others' needs and they decided to take different paths.

Will FIFA hire a new company to make a new soccer videogame?

The contract that EA Sports had with FIFA was until 2023, so this September of 2022 this edition will launch, but next year it will be another company, as expected, that will make a deal with the organization to create a new videogame.

Even though there's no certainty about this, the rumors say that 2K will grab FIFA's license to create the videogame. This company has delivered titles for NBA, NHL, PGA Tour and WWE in the sports section, so soccer would be huge for them nowadays.