Donald Trump has always been a sports fan, from going constantly to see the New York Yankees and New York Mets, to owning his own Football team in the defunct USFL. President Trump is no stranger to the sports world, and some NFL athletes supported him ahead of the US Election 2020.

While other high-profile NFL players like Colin Kaepernick have gotten headlines for their protests, there are members of the NFL family who have been vocal about their support for the President. Trump even has a good relationship with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Legendary coach Mike Ditka, for example, has been outspoken with regards to his support of the President, and three former NFL players have entered politics and speak openly about their support for Donald Trump. Here are the people in the NFL circle who support the President.

NFL Circle That Supports Trump

Mike Ditka recently stated to the Athletic that “Failing to stop Barack Obama was his biggest mistake.Ditka had intentions to run for political office in 2008 as a Republican but that never materialized. He stated had he run maybe Obama would not have made it to the White House. He has stated on a few occasions he supports President Trump and believes that taking a knee during the national anthem should not be allowed.

Burgess Owens is a Trump supporter and spoke in the RNC. (Getty)

On the political front, he has three key supporters, Tommy Tuberville, Jack Brewer, and Burgess Owens are all former NFL players and current republicans. Tuberville came under fire recently for defending Trump on white supremacy remarks. Owens has gone on Fox News and has stated that Trump is "an advocate for black Americans.”

Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots owner, have been friends for over 20 years, and Trump called him once a week for a year when Kraft’s wife passed away. Kraft and the Patriots were one of the few teams to go to the White House to celebrate a championship with the President.