First Kill, the teen romance drama, was canceled by Netflix on Wednesday morning, August 3. The news infuriated fans and those who are tired of cancellations of their favorite series, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a new trend against the producer: #CancelNetflix. 

After only lasting one season, the entertainment company stopped betting on the queer series, based on 2020 short story and produced by Emma Roberts. The story follows an inherited vampire, Juliette, who is destined to murder for the first time and take her place in her family. Everything changes when she meets Calliope and they begin to fall in love, which complicates Julie's fate due to her family's monster hunting. 

Victoria "VE" Schwab's books were best sellers a few months ago and that prompted Netflix to bet on the project and on Felicia D. Henderson, creator of the series. This was placed at the top of the ranking of the most watched of the streaming platform, but it is seen that it was not enough and this unleashed the fury of his fans. 

First Kill: Funniest memes and reactions to the cancellation of the Netflix series

The series, which premiered in June, was one of the most watched, sharing the ranking with productions such as Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy and more. This was not enough for the production company, so it decided to cancel it after analyzing the viewing versus the cost. 

Fans decided to leave their claims in a new trend, #CancelNetflix, on Twitter. Where multiple users are waiting for a response from the production company to see the massive discontent and the drop in subscriptions. Here are the funniest memes and the most ironic reactions: