Paul Scholes has been enjoying the bachelor life, the former Manchester United legend recently divorced his wife, last year, and has not been shy to take in a few drinks. In this instance, the former midfielder, now pundit was drinking when a woman came and began to give him a lap dance.

It was not the first time that Scholes has received a lap dance, in October, Scholes was seen at Manchester's Dirty Martini bar getting a lap dance from a blonde woman. In this case another customer had seen Scholes sitting down enjoying his drink when a blonde woman came and started dancing in front of him and Scholes simply grabbed the woman by the waist.

The customer began to film the scene and later revealed the dirty details of the lap dance, 'He was sitting down, and she started dancing in front of him.’ Here is what a source told The Sun about Paul Scholes' raunchy lap dance.

Eyewitness comments about Paul Scholes' lap dance

According to one witness, Paul Scholes ‘couldn’t help himself and ran his hands all over the place as she gyrated.’ The source told The Sun, 'The girl wasn't a professional lap dancer, she was drinking there and having fun… Fair play to him, he took it in good humor.'

This is the third strange incident to involve the former Manchester United legend, Scholes was the subject of joke on social media after his daughter, super model, Alicia Scholes uploaded an Instagram picture of Scholes chewing her toenails.

The video was seen by more than 650,000 people who follow Alicia Scholes. Alicia attributed the gross picture to “true love”, while followers were grossed out by the image.