Oh, Valentine's Day, the most emotional holiday there is. Some claim that it's just a commercial day - yeah, those people are lowkey cheap - others say that they don't care - but they most likely do - others spend the day sad and crying, while others are way too corny.

Whatever is your case, there's one thing everybody can trust upon come Valentine's Day and that's the jokes. People claiming that they want to rent a boyfriend/girlfriend, others saying that they're up for rent, and some even claiming that their pet is their Valentine's.

People from all over the world take their better halves to restaurants and go out on romantic dates. Others rather just chill at home or not make a big deal out of it because of how packed the streets are going to be with other couples.

But even if you're trying to run away from all the pink, red, hearts, chocolates, and flowers; there's something you can never escape: The internet. That's why today, we've put together a compilation of the funniest memes and reactions ahead of Valentine's Day.

Funniest Memes And Reactions From Valentine's Day

So, if you were feeling the blues because you're lonely or don't get to spend the day with the person you're in love with, we hope you've at least gotten a couple of laughs out of it. There's plenty of fish on the sea and you'll get yours, don't worry.

For those lucky enough to spend the day with their beloved ones, don't take it for granted. You may think it's corny but maybe your couple is also lowkey corny, so grab your phone and post your Valentine's Day selfie even if you're too embarrassed. And for those who honestly don't care about Valentine's Day, well that's also valid and worth recognition. For you, we just hope you had a great Sunday.