It seems like the fairytale that Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez were living is over. According to multiple reports, the famously known couple have decided to split up recently, putting a four-year relationship and a two-year engagement to an end. 

The former MLB and New York Yankees player and the worldwide known singer have been together for about four years so far, and they had big plans for the future. They even became one of the most beloved famous couples.

However, things seem to have changed as they are believed to have suddenly split up. They started dating in 2017, and two years later, they made an important step forward announcing they were engaged. And there was more expected to come until this news. 

Funny memes and reactions to Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez breaking up

The split may have surprised many people. The two looked quite well together and their relationship seemed to be great, as they were even planning to get married. Rodríguez and J.Lo were expecting for a wedding last year but the pandemic halted those plans.

However, they moved the date of the ceremony for this year and everything looked pretty normal. Their sudden break up caught by surprise everyone, and there were multiple reactions and funny memes about it on social media.