Shaquille O'Neal is one of many important figures that got involved with wrestling. As it happened with the likes of The Rock Johnson, Jay Leno, Mr. T, Mike Tyson, and even Donald Trump, the Basketball Hall of Famer has taken the ring in a tag-team match packed of action. He teamed up with Jade Cargill to take on Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet. 

The NBA legend, who also became a sports analyst a long time ago, felt quite confident before to the big night and expressed: "I have a lot of movements in my arsenal". He even stated that it would be the best fight ever from a celebrity. Well, things didn't go exactly that way, although many were fascinated by his debut.

In this highly- expected tag-team match, he impressed at the beginning with some of those promised movements, but later his rival took revenge, and the former Los Angeles Lakers star suffered being thrown through a table. Take a look into the funniest memes and reactions to Shaq's AEW debut.

Shaq's debut amazed fans but he didn't finish well

There was a lot of excitement ahead of Shaq's professional wrestling debut, that's for sure. However, not many people expected too much from him. But O'Neal awed the spectators and exceeded most of predictions when he took the ring.

Still, things went worse for him. The basketball legend was knocked out by Rhodes, who threw him into a table. That was the end of the match for Shaq, although his teammate Cargill sealed the triumph for the duo. However, Rhodes showed respect for O'Neal afterwards.

The professional debut for Shaq at the All Elite Wrestling was an eventful one and people reacted to it all over social media. Many of them were happy with the NBA analyst's performance at the ring, while his crushing against the table turned into multiple memes.